MIDPOINT Institute ǀ Smash Cut ǀ Open Lecture

From a very early stage on, short-form series were the sandbox for creative talent and a platform for topics that dared to be different. Following and understanding the logic of engagement and attention far before streamers and broadcasters entered the digital fray, short-form series harnessed the democratizing power of the internet and its communities. What was 15 years ago called “web series” evolved into a wide field where short-form storytelling, social media, experimental sensibilities, marginalized voices and big-budget investments intersect to form an exciting melting pot of formats, ideas and forms of expression.

The keynote will spotlight the evolvement of short-form series and which factors are currently moulding the medium before diving into some of the current questions: What did big streamers and broadcasters learn from web series and how did they integrate it into their strategies? What does the market for short-form content look like globally? What big trends will form the future of short-form content? And how can clever writers, filmmakers and producers profit from anticipating these trends?