Five Years

Origin and Year: Czechia, 2022 Director: Damián Vondrášek
Section: Web Series Competition Runnning time: 3 x 15 min

World premiere

Five years ago, Tereza had her prom and a wild after party afterwards. She remembers it to this day. When she accidentally meets her old classmate David on the street, she remembers the events of that time in full and decides to confront David with her memories of that evening. Not only does the young medic lead a completely different life than the aspiring writer Tereza, but he also remembers the party in a completely different way. How will the lives of both of them change the year when Tereza decides to bring old memories to light? Sára Zeithammerová and Damián Vondrášek’s new Czech web series is another title for young audiences after last year’s winner TBH of the Web Series Competition.