Co-production Built on Trust and Respect

Hordur Runarsson from the Icelandic production company Glassriver will be talking about the co-production project The Possibility of an Island. 

The conservative Croatian nation decides to welcome the liberal Icelanders, now refugees, after evacuating their island due to a cataclysmic volcanic eruption. When a corrupt part of the Icelanders betrays the Croatians by taking over one of their islands, everything goes sour. The peaceful leaders of both nations must resolve the situation and learn to co-exist in this chaotic time despite their differences, the lies, corruption, and power-play that threaten them and their families. 

The central conflict of the series lies in the clash of cultures – liberal Iceland vs. conservative Croatia. The creative process was the complete opposite though. Hordur will describe the collaboration of both Croatian and Icelandic creative teams during this first co-production of its kind. He will share how inspiring research can get when having to dive into each other’s country’s culture.

Possibility of an Island is a reverse refugee story about coexisting despite vast differences, which is something that we as human beings need to realise will happen more and more with the increased climate changes.