Production during the War: Storytellers Never Stop!

How does the production industry adapt and change in the face of war? Are there fewer opportunities to find partners, or do they remain unchanged? And what about creativity?

Producers from Ukraine will share their experience working in difficult conditions, searching for perspective, ideas implementation and successful cases.

The discussion will be based on the Those Who Stayed series. This project is being developed by Red Arrow Studios International and FILM.UA Group. The anthology comedy/drama will focus on the immediate aftermath of the February 24th invasion by Russia. Each episode is a complete story of one of the characters, whose paths cross sometimes, creating a sense of a shared reality.


Kateryna Vyshnevska, Head of Development and Co-Productions and Producer, FILM.UA Group, Ukraine
Anna Eliseeva, Producer, FILM.UA Group, Ukraine
Dmytro Troitskiy, Director of Television, Starlight Media, Ukraine