Youth is Drama

Case studies of two young adult series – Swedish Likea from TV4 and Czech Sex O’Clock from Voyo.

“The world of LIKEA” – Dunja Vujović from Swedish TV4 on how a fictional influencer from CMore’s satire comedy show LIKEA transformed into a real influencer collaborating with brands such as VISA and others. 

Sex O’Clock. An unexpectedly honest Voyo series for the whole family presented by Karolina Zalabáková from production company Cinebonbon with a script based on authentic stories and research of the teenage world.
A story, in which the characters face the same problems whether they‘re 15 or 45 years old. Problems that we are all very familiar with. A story, which shows that it doesn‘t matter what kind of family you live in. What matters is that you love each other.