Origin and Year: Czechia, 2023 Director: Vojtěch Moravec
Runnning time: 2 x 27 min

World premiere at the festival opening ceremony

Jirka is a warehouse worker who gets high every day before work, Šárka is his uptight boss and Igor is a security guard who disappears to the toilet with porno magazines in his spare time. The daily routine of the employees of a supermarket at the border is interrupted by Jirka’s discovery of a white powder in a shipment of bananas. And it is not flour… Banáni is a new, brisk, well-cast comedy from Prima+, in which a lost parcel from Colombia can help three new partners solve life’s crises. Will Jirka succeed to stop being a warehouse loser? Will Šárka finally be able to pack the kids’ daily snacks? And will Igor want to change something about himself? This show is not afraid to take the plot in the craziest twists and turns.