Picnic (Piknik)

Origin and Year: Ukraine, 2022 Director: Iryna Gromozda
Section: Main Competition Runnning time: 2 x 50 min
23.09.2022 at 15.00 Screening place: Divadlo Bolka Polívky Jakubské nám. 127/5

Series will be presented by Kateryna Vyshnevska – Head of Development and Co-productions, FILM. UA Group.

No friend will forget this picnic. Oleg celebrates his 40th birthday and three married couples and their children gather on the seashore to celebrate together. What no one knows is that Oleg was fired from his job in the morning, he is having a mid-life crisis, and his wife Vera is not having the happiest time of her life either. Thus, in the very first episode of the Ukrainian drama, Oleg and Vera’s family system implodes in a spectacular way. Subsequently, the narrative slows down and gradually reveals what all led to the tension in the seemingly happy family. In doing so, it reveals the problems of the adults, but also the perspective of their teenage daughter and the disturbed relationships of the whole initially friendly body made up of several families.