Riding the Beat

Origin and Year: Finland, 2022 Director: Koivula Olli
Runnning time: 4 x 15 min

International premiere

Savela may be an ordinary housing estate in Helsinki, but immortality can be achieved from anywhere. However, the aspiring rap icon AK has to face the consequences of the break-up of his crew early on in his career, and also perhaps rethink his reliance on old-school macho style. Who will represent Savela? To whom will the gates of this mythical neighbourhood open so that the glory of the local flow can spread beyond its borders? The Finnish comedy for all generations that could be placed in any Czech big-city housing estate has the pace and edge of housing estate rap battles, and the authenticity of a rap star who knows you do not have to be from Atlanta or Brooklyn for everyone to know your name.

Q&A’s after the screening with screenwriter Samuel Nicholas Kirkhope and producer Samuli Norhomaa.