Six Empty Seats (Polët)

Origin and Year: Russia, 2020 Director: Pjotr Todorovskij ml.
Runnning time: 2 x 48 min

Six people who seemingly are linked just by working in one company. Everyone lives his own story and everyone has his own attitude to the world. At the moment the plane that everyone was supposed to board crashes, something is changing for everyone. The Russian series tells each episode from a different perspective. A cynical life-tired alcoholic or a housewife suddenly find out that they have not had a chance to live the life they have dreamed of. And so the whole six decide to take their fate into their own hands and to do something that will change their lives forever. The Flight raises awareness of contemporary Russian series production and its various genre branches. Let us remind you that the first year of the festival presented the pulp title Gogol: The Beginning produced by 1-2-3 Production as well as Six Empty Seats, last year’s competition was won by Blackout about the Russian 90s and this year, in addition to The Flight, a detective drama about a real mass murderer – A Good Man – will be presented.