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TBH (CZE, 2022)

In the wake of a shooting at a high school in Brno, what happens to a community where, until now, all the shots were called by members of a floorball team and their admirers, the all-girl Bitchez gang? Czech Television’s first original web series tells a ten-part story about finding boundaries in the painful world of adolescence and social networks. The title uses the abbreviation TBH, which means “to be honest” in online slang. However, it is often used in the opposite sense, when the speaker wants to disguise a lie or twist the truth. The series is based on extensive research carried out using special questionnaires distributed directly among the target audience in selected schools.

Director: Lucia Kajánková

Vegani a Jelita (CZE, 2021)

A romantic mystery, comedy-horror sitcom from Brno.
This six-part theologically, dietetically and socially incorrect series was produced by the newly established Isteník–Uličník–Vacek creative workshop. The show’s six episodes depict strange events that will change the lives of several mutually unrelated people connected by a health food shop somewhere in Brno.

Directors: Michal Isteník, Jonáš Vacek

Birchpunk (RUS, 2021)

Russia is said to be a technically backward country – no roads, no robots, crashing rockets and terrible postal service. Nonsense! The web series Birchpunk is a hash and hyperbolic commentary on the technical “progress” in Mother Russia.

Director: Sergei Vasiliev

Random Stories (POL, 2021)

Random Stories is the love story of a couple who meet using a dating app called “Random”. How do such relationships work? Is there any chance for them to last? A Polish web series from Natasza Parzymies, whose previous LGBT-themed web series “Control” was seen by millions of viewers and gained considerable popularity.

Director: Natasza Parzymies