Web series 2020

Origin and Year: , Director:
Runnning time: 5-22 min

Therapy by Sharing (2020), Czech Republic

Exclusive premiere of the first episode of the new web series based on successful phenomenon of social networks.

Lost in Moldova (2020), Moldova

The young American Diego arrives in Moldova to join the Peace Corps and regain the heart of his ex-girlfriend. The comedy series tells about the encounter between his ideas and the reality.

Social Distancing (2020), Finland

This web series of the Finnish YLE television was filmed in record short time and tells the story of life during quarantine. The creators and actors never met in person during the filming and the entire production took place only virtually.

Cancelled (2020), Australia/Spain

Luke is a director and Maria is an actress. He is Australian, she is Spanish. They were about to get married in Valencia when the pandemic stroke, forcing them to cancel the wedding and spend in quarantine what was supposed to be their honeymoon. They made a web series about it.

Slippers (Pantoufles, 2020), Switzerland

Philippe and Tinker, two sneakers addicts line-up for hours to buy a new pair of collector’s items. It’s a failure. Disappointed, they decide to change their plan. Their new goal : pull off a heist. But things go haywire.

La Dump (2020), Canada

After a first season which made the buzz, La Dump is back! This adult trashy punk puppet show fears no correctness.

Dhanasri (2020), France

A poetic and very visual modern fairy tale by the creator of Blackpills’ web series Beard Club.

Lost and Found Cowboy (2019), Japan

‘Yukata Cowboy’, a Japanese-American street performer, helps “foreigners” in Tokyo. He guides Cindy, an American dancer, through Japan’s cultural maze; she inspires him to learn to dance. They begin to perform together and become romantically involved, but one day, Cindy suddenly, disappears. Yukata Cowboy now has to travel around the world to find his soul-mate…

MH (2020), France

The burlesque and agitated adventures of MH, a girl with an attitude.

Almost Broke (sKORO NA mizině, 2020), Czech Republic

Empty auditorium and cash register. Most theaters, not only in the Czech Republic, struggled with this during quarantine. But how did the actors and creators experience it? How did they deal with the fact that they could not do what they love and what feeds them? The Almost Broke series, which was created in record time under the leadership of the creators of the already legendary online series The Line, answers this in a funny way.