List of series 2022

Jury 2022

Main Competition: Serial Killer’s Competition Program Section is a collection of the best series from Central and Eastern Europe.

Focus: Sweden: Sweden is a European TV series superpower, the cradle of scandi noir detective stories, but also an annual producer of edgy political thrillers, satirical comedies and smart genre crossovers. The local creative environment stays on top of television trends, which it often creates itself, and is characterized by a sophisticated dramaturgy with ambitions to reflect current topics and cultivate some important features, such as emphasis on social overlap.

International Panorama: A traditional cross-section of the best European series.

Female Perspective: A trio of series that will make you see things a little differently than so far.

Special Screening: Exclusive screenings of the series that you simply must watch.

Series for Young Audience: A new permanent section reflecting the most interesting trends in series for young audiences.

Web Series Competition: The web series competition will showcase several short series competing for the Best Webseries of Central and Eastern Europe award.

Best of Web series: This year showcase will be a commented overview of the web series landscape today. Joel Bassaget, partner researcher at University of Wollongong and Head of the Web Series World Cup will highlight the trends, evolutions and perspectives of the web series phenomenon and its situation in 2022.