A Very Ordinary World (De gens bien ordinaires)

Origin and Year: France, 2022 Director: Ovidie
Runnning time: 4 x 12 min

Q&A’s after the screening with the main actor Jérémy Gillet.

Romain is 18 and wants to become a porn actor. He sees no other future for himself. And so one day he steps into a world of uncooperative, ambitious male colleagues, powerful female producers, pretentious female directors and aging camerawomen forever criticizing the appearance of young actors. He will have to make a career quickly, after he is thirty-five no one will even care about him anymore. This elegantly subtle French dystopian comedy from an upside-down world can make you laugh, but it can also make you puzzled and unnerved. If this is not quite the ordinary world, which is the normal one?