Adults (Aikuiset)

Origin and Year: Finland, 2019 Director: Anna Dahlman
Section: Focus: Finland Runnning time: 4 x 21 min
20.09.2023 at 16.00 Screening place: První patro Dominikánská 19

“I love the gentrification in Kallio. I love it and I hate it because I can’t live here, but I can drink natural wine or go to dried flower shops,” says Arttu, the best friend of the main protagonist Oona, who has opened a café in the famous Helsinki neighbourhood. The café is still open to all the weirdly trendy existences here, even after the covid – in the second season of the series. The comedy about ageing millennials and zoomers who know a lot about fashion and gastronomy but little about financial literacy is one of Finland’s best-known series. In polished dialogues with a cute self-consciousness it alludes to often discussed topics related to current urban lifestyle, pop culture and the younger generations.

Q&A’s after the screening with producer Pietari Vappula.