Red Skies (Red Skies)

Origin and Year: Israel, 2023 Director: Alon Zingman
Section: International Panorama Runnning time: 2 x 54 min
21.09.2023 at 16.30 Screening place: Televizní institut Dominikánská 11

How do you make friends and love when there is war? It is the year 2000 and the Second Intifada is beginning in Israel. Ali and Saar have known each other since they were teenagers and their best friend, American Jenny, has been dating Saar for a few years. When Ali decides to go to the United States to study, it is clear that the relationships of all three will be tested. But none of them knows what it will be like. We love Israeli series at Serial Killer for their unforced realism and their ability to weave the fates of complexly portrayed characters through political contexts. Red Skies is a suspenseful thriller about relationships that may not have had a chance other than what the Middle East political conflict gave them.