Reindeer Mafia (Poromafia)

Origin and Year: Finland, 2023 Director: Mika Kurvinen
Runnning time: 2 x 41 min

Sons of Anarchy on scooters. That was reportedly director Mika Kurvinen’s idea when he decided to adapt a novel about a powerful family clan from Finnish Lapland. The result is a drama with darkly comedic undertones that combines Nordic noir, a love story and a family saga in a land that does not give you anything for free. A series for a wide audience, which surprises with its personality, willingness to go to the extremes and love for its characters, has become a national phenomenon in Finland this year. Its pilot episode was the most watched in the history of the Nordic streaming platform C more.

Q&A’s after the screening with main actress Anna-Maija Tuokko.