Salisbury Poisonings (The Salisbury Poisonings)

Origin and Year: Great Britain, 2020 Director: Saul Dibb
Runnning time: 2 x 45 min

In March 2018, in the British town of Salisbury, which is known in its whole history only by the cathedral with a tall tower, two members of the Russian secret services tried to poison the former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, with the poison novichok. In addition to them, a policeman was poisoned by an unfortunate accident while searching Skripal’s house, and later also a woman who got the perfume with the poison found in a trash can from her boyfriend. The reconstruction of the case, the story of all the characters involved and the mediation of the paranoid atmosphere in the UK, not unlike this year’s fear of the pandemic, is brought by The Salisbury Poisonings series reconstruction with Anne-Maria Duff and Rafe Spall in the roles of the local director of public health and safety who is in charge of the subsequent regulations and the poisoned police officer. The drama based on real events captures Britain in the uncertainty that it has been the target of a larger terrorist attack and focuses with that on the work of specific people who lead it through the crisis.