Spider's Web (Pajeczyna)

Origin and Year: Poland, 2021 Director: Łukasz Jaworski
Runnning time: 2 x 48 min

International premiere. Q&A’s after the screening with producer Wojciech Bockenheim and production manager Tomasz Parnowski.

This entertaining Polish crime drama, set in two timelines, was inspired by Poland’s nuclear program in the 1970s. In this timeline, we first witness the historic success of Polish physicists, including the scientist Teresa Titko. We then follow her daughter Kornelia, also a scientist with an extraordinary memory, in the 2000s. We learn, however, that her parents and sister died prematurely. When she receives a letter addressed to her mother and sent apparently from the past, she sets out on her own to find out what actually happened to her family back then.