The Responder (The Responder)

Origin and Year: Great Britain, 2022 Director: Tim Mielants
Runnning time: 2 x 52 min

Martin Freeman stars as a burnt-out Liverpool cop who rescues the most desperate locals and slowly realises that he is one of them. Written by a former police officer, the series tells the story of night drives through parts of the city where the luckier residents do not even go during the day. The main characters teeter on the edge of mental health in a system that squeezes and spits out all human resources. It will suck you in to the bottom thanks to great direction that suggests a heart attack is to come at any moment, and it will hold your attention thanks to a strong script that shows deep human understanding for all the characters. This realistically acting thriller is also a critique of the set-up of key British institutions. Martin Freeman has trained his Northern English accent for this role and confirms that he is one of the best British actors of today. One of the series of the year.