White House Farm

Origin and Year: Great Britain, 2020 Director: Paul Whittington
Runnning time: 2 x 45 min

The drama of the reconstruction of one of the most famous crimes in British history, the probable perpetrator of which is still in prison and denies his guilt. The six-part miniseries on the murder of the White family recapitulates the events that took place in 1985 in rural Essex, UK, when Colin Caffell brought the six-year-old twins to his grandparents to spend the vacation there. White House Farm shows the tragically unprofessional police investigation of the case that shocked the whole Britain, works carefully with the atmosphere of that time and, based on known information, credibly builds the key characters. Like any well-crafted true crime title, White House Farm is not only a guide to the tragic history of one family, but to a whole sector of British society in the 1980s.