Who Shot Otto Müller? (Vem sköt Otto Mueller?)

Origin and Year: Estonia, 2022 Director: René Vilbre
Runnning time: 2 x 42 min

International premiere. Q&A’s after the screening with screenwriter Birk Rohelend and producers Ingrid Eloranta and Jevgenij Supin.

This focused family drama with a crime plot begins when Otto Müller, a 65-years-old business legend, is murdered in his own home. Is the patriarch Otto the one to whom his relatives owe everything? Or is he the one who destroyed everything? The police stepwise interrogate eight people close to Otto and get eight different versions of what happened. In addition, the story is complicated by the fact that before the murder, the family discovered a new member, the previously secret-held grandson of the businessman. The Estonian crime story plays with expectations, investigators’ prejudices, our own prejudices and switching perspectives.