Schedule of panels 2020

The panels are available online as part of TV Days Digital.

Killer speech: Between the broadcaster and the talent

HBO Europe executive producer Steve Matthews talks about working on series, especially in Eastern Europe and the Czech Republic. He discusses the relationship between the television and talented creators, especially how screenwriters are supported and encouraged – especially with regard to his experience working on Czech Wasteland and The Sleepers series.

Speaker: Steve Matthews

Killer study: What is it like to juggle work and family? It’s hell.

JP Ahonen, the author of the Belzebubs comic book phenomenon, talks about how a black metal family will soon get on the screens of the Finnish public service broadcaster. Father Sløth, mother Lucyfera, the adolescent Lilith and the youngest Leviathan were born as comic book heroes of social networks, but in 2022 already, thanks to the animation studio Pyjama Films, they should expand the series of traditional family series of Yle television.

Speakers: Anna-Maija HalonenTerhi VäänänenJP Ahonen

Progressive Killer 2020: Viktor Tauš

An acclaimed Czech producer and director will be this year’s winner of the Progressive Killer Award for a prominent television personality of Central and Eastern Europe. He will accompany the acceptance of this award by a lecture on the topic of film images in television series. The production of Viktor Tauš includes, among others, the films Sněženky a machři po 25 letech, Clownwise and the series Blue Shadows, Monsters of the Shore and especially Rats, which he presented in an exclusive premiere at the Serial Killer festival last year and which this year, despite the corona, conquer other important European television festivals as well.

Speakers: Viktor Tauš

Killer speech: Best TV Drama? Entertainment + Challenge

According to TV producer Peter Ansorge, the best TV drama series should both entertain the viewers and make them think. Peter Ansorge has commissioned a number of BAFTA and EMMY award-winning television drama series for the British BBC and Channel 4, including Traffik, A Very British Coup and Tales of the City.

Speaker: Peter Ansorge

Killer study: Female humour (r)evolution

What is the difference between the humor of Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City and the countless today’s author’s series of well-known female comedians? A short lecture by Táňa Zabloudilová will focus on how and why female television humor has changed in the last decade.

Speaker: Táňa Zabloudilová

Killer study: The battle against the body and the mind

What is the success of Belgian dramas according to Gilles De Schryver? And how to get your production among the audience as effectively as possible? The Belgian actor and producer Gilles De Schryver, together with the director and producer Gilles Courier, founded the creative production company De Wereldvrede in 2013, which focuses on the development of both film and television production. They have achieved a great response with their first projects already, such as the Bevergem series from 2015 or Gilles Coulier’s film Cargo. Next year, the company will present the series Albatros on Belgian VRT television, a tragicomic story of people trying to change their body and mind in a weight loss camp.

Speaker: Gillese De Schryver

Killer study: Famous Czech-German co-productions

The author and director of the award-winning film Old-Timers will remind us of famous co-productions on series such as Pan Tau; Lucy, Terror of the Street; Arabela and The Visitors. What was the reason of the success of these series, how were their fictional worlds constructed, how did they influence generations of their viewers and could a continuation of this type of collaboration be considered, for example in the form of a current remake?

Speaker: Martin Dušek

Killer among us: (Up)coming from Russia

A Russian company covered by Gazprom-Media Group, which focuses on both commercial genres and feature films and multi-layered series, presents a comprehensive showcase of a new line of drama series with a wide range of genres and innovative formats and also refers to its recent international successes.

Speaker: Nadiia Zaionchkovska

Killer study: PractiCORONAly broke

Vladimír Skórka – the director of The Line series – will describe in his lecture the origin and the circumstances of a unique way of financing and working on a new remarkable series “Almost Broke (practiCORONAly broke)”, where in addition to Jiří Langmajer several noticeable acting talents from the Ostrava region also starred.

Speakers: Vladimír SkórkaŠtěpán Kozub

Killer speech: Vinca Wiedemann

Co-worker of Lars von Trier and former dean of the National Film School of Denmark Vinca Wiedemann answers the question how come is a small country such as Denmark so successful in the field of TV series. Where does the success of local creators lie and what is the relation between Danish film and television?

Speaker: Vinca Wiedemann

Come, watch and kill: TV Drama Vision

TV Drama Vision is an international annual conference and co-production market held during the Gothenburg Film Festival and featuring Nordic and European drama series. This event consists of a presentation of more than 40 drama series in development and production, interviews with creators, panel discussions and speakers from many countries, who talk about trends in current drama, creative talent and challenges in the future. The Nordisk Film & TV Fond Award is awarded annually during the TV Drama Vision for outstanding screenwriting art in Nordic drama series. In 2020 it was won by Sara Johnsen for the great Norwegian 22. july drama series.

Přednášející: Cia Edström

Format detectives: From one global drama trend to another + corpus delicti

K7 media provides a focused insight into what is happening in the magical world of television and video. Are you interested what the latest trends are, which genres in different countries currently attract the most viewers? K7 media is a great tool for professionals not only in the television industry.

Speakers: Michelle LinDavid Ciaramella

Come, watch and kill: Serien Festival Basel

Switzerland is not only a country of watches and chocolates, but also of the Serienfestival Basel, a festival of series that took place for the second time this year in Basel. The festival focuses on productions that are not mainstream, so don’t look for them on Netflix, rather take the time to travel to Switzerland.

Speaker: Urs Dillier

Killer among us: (Up)coming from Flanders, Belgium

Elly Vervloet, a producer of the Belgian VRT public service broadcaster, talks about the role of the series of a public service broadcaster and how they can compete with commercial platforms such as Netflix. At the same time, she presents the best that has been created in VRT’s dramatic production in the last year.

Speaker: Elly Vervloet

Killer study: European Drama Initiative

Producer Elly Vervloet explains how the drama section of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) helps its members to develop and produce quality drama series. However, the initiative also seeks to connect creators and producers who can help each other within international co-productions.

Speaker: Elly Vervloet

Killer study: #socialdistancing

The female creators of the Finnish series Social distancing, broadcast by the Finnish public service broadcaster Yle, describe how a series can be created during a pandemic, when the creators rely only on shared documents and calls over the screen.

Speakers: Hyppe SalmiVeera OjolaKaya Pakaslahti

Killer introduces: Matchmaking, Analysis and Pitching under one roof

You don’t have to go to the market only for fresh veggies, but also for the best scripts or producers. At Filmarket Hub, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in your project, whether it’s distributors, agents or script editors.

Speaker: Joanna Nelson

Killer study: A Good Man

Nine-episode-long psychological crime drama A Good Man is dealing with searching for the Angar maniac, real serial killer who killed 80 women in Russia and received a life sentence five years ago. The actor Nikita Efremov is talking about the character of the murderer he is playing in this series as well as the working process on this title that was also part of the CEE series competition during the Serial Killer 2020.

Speaker: Nikita Efremov

Come, watch and kill: Kyiv Media Week

Every year in September, Kyiv Media Week, the largest media forum, takes place in Kiev, Ukraine, where professionals from various media branches can meet. This year is a year of changes, which is why KMW has moved mainly to online space this year as well.

Speaker: Kateryna Udut