Television Institute

In 2018, Telepunk Ltd company founded the first TV festival in Central and Eastern Europe called Serial Killer in Brno, focusing on quality contemporary series. Its reputation quickly spread in professional circles across Europe. The festival has partners in European televisions and the European Broadcast Union (EBU), as well as in television festivals: for example, the prestigious Berlinale Series, where it presents its programme for professionals from all over the world each year. Of course, the most important European film and television schools are represented as well, such as the London Film School, DFFB in Berlin, the National Film School of Denmark, or Westerdals in Oslo. All these elite European schools, where the best European TV-makers have studied, are, without exception, privately owned.

At the same time, it is strange that so far, no educational institution or festival in Eastern Europe has dealt with the subject of exclusive education in the increasingly popular field of television production, not only for students in the usual bachelor’s or master’s programmes, but also as part of diverse courses within the lifelong education of television professionals from public and commercial TV companies.

Kamila Zlatušková will introduce the newly established Television institute to the audience and will talk about its mission & vision as well as about its study programmes and goals.