Upcoming Czech Webseries

Lucie Kajánková will talk about the series TBH from the perspective of its creators, showrunner and director. TBH stands for “to be honest” and it is a 10-episode dramatic live-action web-series developed for the Czech Television’s new online platform. The series centres around a group of teenage characters at a Brno high school, following a botched school shooting attempt. Through their perspective, TBH explores the themes of bullying, relationships, friendships, love, identity, and mental health at the age of vulnerability and exploration of one’s authentic self. The series was written by a writers’ room of young FAMU screenwriters, led by showrunner and director Lucia Kajánková and used extensive anonymous questionnaire research among the high schoolers in the Czech Republic, as they are both the principal characters as well as the target audience. A crucial part of the pre-production stage focused on work with the young actors and actresses who embody the characters. The key words for the series are authenticity and empathy.

Robert Vrba and Jan Hubáček from production company GNOMON will present eight-part comedy series Amateurs from Kingsfield from a small Brno theatre. Viewers will witness what is going on in an amateur ensemble during rehearsals of a new musical. The ensemble struggles with lack of interest from the audience and great competition from the side of professional theatres. One of the actors decides to react on the situation by intending to write an author’s musical – a fairy tale for adults called The Road to Papaveria.

Michaela Rykrová and Radim Svoboda will present their project Play something! – local six-episode crazy webseries and true comedy ride of three young actors (Dalibor Buš, Dominik Teleky and Tomáš Žilinský) from The Goose on the String Theatre. The plot is primarily based on main characters fearing getting fired from their work in theatre and so – by going through series of more or less whacky situations – they decide to become better actors. They must of course learn from the best, though! Therefore, Dalibor, Dominik and Tomáš meet number of well-known Czech actors on their journey intervening in all kinds of television and internet programmes as well.