Jan Hubáček
Producer at Gnomon , Czechia

Jan graduated in film directing and screenwriting at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, and he also studied at the Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn, Estonia. He completed internships at Neukölln. TV in Berlin and at the Stink London office. He has won several awards for his student films Boty (Shoes, 2007) and Romance rytířské doby (Romance of the Noble Age, 2011). He has also worked on films Cyril a Metoděj, Prach, Film jako Brno, Lháři, Návrat do Červeného města, Kaskadéři s.r.o. and video games such as Czechoslovakia 38-89 and Mafia 3. His directorial feature debut was Akcept (2016), a documentary about contemporary music composer Lucie Vítková. In 2015, he founded his own film production company GNOMON. As a producer he participated in the making of the documentary films Sólo pro jednu ruku, Dunaj vědomí, Miri fajta, animated films Holubí voják and Let viny, and also the online series Amatéři z Kingsfieldu.