Jiří Sádek
Director , Czech Republic

Jiří’s directorial debut, Noonday Witch, produced in collaboration with HBO, secured the Mélies d’Argent Award at the 2016 MotelX festival. Beyond his role as a filmmaker, Jiří stands out as a dubbing director for industry giants such as HBO, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and Pixar, with notable achievements including Finding Dory and The Crown.

Jiří is a two-time recipient of the prestigious František Filipovský Award. Moreover, he serves as a producer at COFILM, actively engaged in creating the animated series “Baldies“ focused on pediatric oncology patients. His second company, Old&Rich, is renowned for crafting the acclaimed Red Bull advertisement titled From Castle to Castle, featuring F1 pilot Sebastian Coulthard. Jiří also held the role of creative producer for the series Banáni (Bananas), the opening screening of this year’s Serial Killer, which competes in its category.