Maarten Moerkerke
Director & Showrunner, Lecter Scripted Media , Belgium

Maarten currently works as head of drama, showrunner and director at Lecter Scripted Media, a production company focused on contemporary drama and fiction for the Flemish and international market. For Lecter Scipted Media he recently directed a Flemish remake of ‘The Licemother’, the successful Dutch comedy series and recently finished season 2 of ‘My Best Worst Friend’, a popup daily with an edge. In 2000 he co-founded a production company focused on contemporary comedy inspired by the booming alternative British comedy shows at that time, through which he directed various comedy sketch shows, satirical news items and stand-up comedy. In 2012 Maarten turned his focus back to drama and began working with two-time Oscar-nominated producer Dirk Impens, a collaboration that would last 5 years. In that period, he directed 6 highly anticipated TV series and a feature film, which he de facto showran as Impens gave him full responsibility and freedom to shape the shooting script – including writing, casting, and visualising – into the final result. This consolidated his reputation as a hardworking director with a strong take on story and capable of achieving creative vision within the realities of production.The last two series he directed for Menuet were Thieves of the wood and 13 Commandments, a dark thriller series, which has gained him recognition for contributing to the wave of ‘Flem Noir’. Both shows are still on Netflix.